Our Teachers

Teacher Ari

Teacher Ari & studentTeacher Ari and studentTeacher Ari Bloms has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Science and Child Development, with concentrated study in child and adolescence development. Teacher Ari has been teaching preschool- and kindergarten-age students for the past 10 years in a private school setting.

Teacher Ari has a natural ability to bring out the best in young children. In the classroom, Teacher Ari serves as the catalyst to reveal to the children that the process of finding information for themselves builds on the ability to be an independent learner. Teacher Ari values most the ability to not only teach students how to read and write, but more importantly to teach them to love learning.

Teacher Ari lives in Portland with his wife, Amy, and their two boys, ages 10 and 5. They love to take advantage of the many family-friendly activities in the Portland area and live in a home on the west side.

Teacher Amy

Teacher Amy & studentAmy and studentPrior to teaching at Ari's Academy, Teacher Amy worked as a nanny for seven years—building the skills needed to promote success and foster positive development in young children. She brings that knowledge and experience, along with her work in preschool and kindergarten classrooms to Ari's Academy, where she has established a strong commitment to our program over the last 3 1/2 years.

Amy instructs the students in phonics, reading, writing, math and arts and craft projects. Amy has an uncommon ability to work with young children, revealing their talents and abilities through warmth and trust gained in the classroom.

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