Our Curriculum

At Ari's Academy we use a Montessori-based curriculum that is grounded in the philosophy of learning through hands-on exploration, each child at his/her own pace. Below are the core areas of instruction broken down into specific skills that are taught throughout the academic year. These skills are incorporated into weekly themed lessons such as the human body, technology, space, etc.

Photo of girl looking at empty roadMy Living Virtues

  • Enhance each child’s natural ability to be aware, loving and caring
  • Incorporate daily goals encouraging children to respect themselves and others
  • Focus words: Attentive, Brave, Courteous, Determined, Forgiving, Gentle, Honest, Idealistic, Just, Knowledgeable and others
  • Long before students fully understand what respect and generosity are, they need to learn the behaviors associated with them
  • Activities that encourage children to Look, Think, Make a Guess, Ask Questions and Create
  • Learn more about Living Virtues

Language DevelopmentLanguage Development

  • Consonants—identification, phonetic sound
  • Vowels—short and long, identification, phonetic sound
  • Initial sounds, medial sounds and final sounds
  • Number, color and sight words—reading
  • Alphabetize by first letter
  • Spell 3- and 4-letter short vowel words
  • Sequencing events and pictures
  • Rhyming words—identification
  • Vocabulary building
  • Phonics workbook progress
  • Reading classroom readers

Writing SkillsWriting Skills

  • Proper pencil hold
  • Upper and lower case—proper formation
  • First and last name—proper formation
  • Proper paper position
  • Manuscript handwriting


  • 1–100 number—identification
  • 1–100 number—write and say
  • Rote counts
  • Sequencing numbers
  • Number matching
  • Hundred chart—reconstruction
  • Concept of units, tens, hundreds and thousands
  • Geometric shapes—identify and draw
  • Measurement, weight and volume
  • Greater than and less than (>,<)
  • Concepts—addition, subtraction
  • Fractions 1/1 to 1/10
  • Time—to the hour and half hour
  • Currency—identify and value
  • Symbol and quantity
  • Counting—2s, 5s, 10s
  • Concrete and abstract principles
  • Plane and solid geometry
  • Math workbook progress

In addition to our regular mathematics curriculum, Ari's Academy has also begun offering the Abacus Math Class. Learning to use the abacus teaches even very young children how to handle mental math counting and simple calculations. This class is designed for students who can count and write numerals at least 1–10. See our Abacus Math page for more information this unique program for kids.


  • Living and non-living—identify
  • Habitats—living creatures
  • Seeds to plants
  • Composition of the earth
  • Human body—systems
  • Sink and float
  • Scientific method
  • Animal classification
  • Requirements for life
  • Solar system
  • Volcanic features
  • Microscope discoveries
  • Magnetic and non-magnetic
  • Primary science experiments


  • Continents—identification
  • North American countries
  • City, state, country, continent, world
  • Land forms—identification
  • United States puzzle—reconstruction
  • Using a compass rose (N,S,E,W)
  • Land water—characteristics
  • Draw maps of school, home, etc.
  • Flags from around the world
  • Cultures and lifestyles
  • Using a map legend/key
  • Geographic timelines


  • Past, present, future
  • Yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Days/months/year recitation
  • Famous Americans and inventors
  • Simple timelines—people, items
  • United States historical timeline
  • Native American history


  • Primary colors—identification
  • Secondary colors—identification
  • Cool vs. warm colors—identification
  • Vocabulary—horizontal, vertical, portrait, still life, sculpture, design, etc.
  • Clay sculpting
  • Watercolors
  • Color wheel, prism and rainbow
  • Mixing colors to create new
  • Famous artists—Picasso, Monet, etc.
  • Face and body drawing
  • Express personality through art
  • Sponge painting
  • Easel painting


  • New for 2009-10 school year—Music & Movement with Nicole
  • Rhythm—identify and movement
  • Dynamics of song—fast/slow, loud/soft, tempo/volume
  • Group and individual singing
  • Freeze dancing
  • Marching band with rhythm instruments
  • Musical dramas—participation
  • Song—remember lyrics to songs
  • Instruments—identification and classification

Life SkillsLife Skills

  • Respect of the environment—sweeping, sponging, wiping, dusting
  • Respect of self—hand washing, toileting, tying, buckling, lacing, snapping, zipping
  • Ability to move about the classroom while carrying a cup, mat, tray, chair, etc.
  • Identifies left vs. right
  • Concept of a “stranger”
  • Eye contact and general courtesy
  • Use of manners at the table
  • Use of simple tools—hammer, screwdriver, wrench, tape measure, etc.

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